Please Call 1330 for assistance

Would you like to obtain information for Tongyeong tour? Just dial 1330

You can get the service simply just by calling the 'Tourism Service No. 1330'.
Call (0)55-1330 and receive tour information from the call center on events and festivals at Tongyeong, information on transportation, food and lodging and more.

  • Hours : 24-hour

How to dial 1330 from a telephone

In Korea

  • Telephone : 1330
  • Mobile : Area code + 1330 (EX. Information about Seoul 02-1330)
  • Service Charge : local telephone charge only

From Abroad

  • +82-(0)55-1330 (EX. For Seoul +82-2-1330)
  • Be sure to drop 0 in front of area code