Tongyeong Intangible Cultural Preserving Association

  • Established Date May 8, 1970
  • Address 377-1, Mujeon-dong, Tongyeong-si
  • For more information 055)645-2971


The purpose of the association is to hand down, protect and foster the appointed important tangible and intangible culture assets and explore undiscovered cultural assets, develop studies in order to preserve them eternally.

Main Activities

  • Technical Field : 5 No. 10 (an)Intangible Cultural Property and Intangible Cultural Property (Najeonjang, or Lacquerware Inlaid with Mother-of-Pearl) people, 3 No.55 (an)Intangible Cultural Property of Somokjang, or Furniture Making people, 3 No. 64 (an)Intangible Cultural Property of Duseokjang, or Tinsmithing people, 2 No. 114 (an)Intangible Cultural Property of Yeomjang, or Bamboo Blind Weaving people, 1 No. 4 (an)Intangible Cultural Property of Gadil, or Top Hat Making and 5 Tongyeong Kite people and 1 Hand fan holder.
  • Performing Field : No. 82 (an)Intangible Cultural Property- 30 south coast Byulsingood holders, No. 21 (an)Intangible Cultural Property, 25 Seungjeonmu.