Yun I-sang

  • Name Yun I-sang
  • Birth - Death 1917-1995
  • Major Works Angel in the flame, Epilogue

Brief history of the artist

  • 1917. 9. 17 Born in Tongyeong City, South Gyeongsang Province.
  • 1925 Educated at "Hodang Seojae or school" in Tongyeong.
  • 1926-1931 Enter Tongyeong Public General School. Graduated in 1930 (5th grade). Started Composing.
  • 1935-1936 Went to Japan. Studied in Osaka Industrial School and Osaka Conservatory.
  • 1937. The first collective children songs 「A shepherd's song」was composed. It was positively evaluated by the composor Hong Nan-pa.
  • 1938 Taught at Tongyeong "Hwayang Academy (now, Hwayang Elementary)"
  • 1939-1940?He studied composition under Tomojiro Ikenouchi in Tokyo.
  • 1945 Participated as a member of Tongyeong Culture Association.
  • 1948-1949 Taught at a Women's High school in Tongyeong. After liberation from Japanese, he composed school songs for Tongyeong Women's High School, Tongyeong High School, Yokji Middle School including many primary schools with Yu Chi-Hwan and Kim Sang-ok.
  • 1952 Composed a war song on a poem of Lee Eun-sang 「Nakdong River」.
  • 1956. 6 Studied music in Paris.
  • 1959. 7 Graduated Berlin Music School.
  • Performed the「Five Pieces for Piano 」at Netherlands Viltobel and 「Music for Seven Instruments」 at Darmstadt. Won the hearts of European contemporary music circles.
  • 1966.10 Performed 「Reservation」at Donauschingen, East Germany for the first time. He became a world-celebrated composer after this successful performance.
  • 1967.6 Return to Seoul due to "East Berlin Spy Incident".
  • 1969.3 Released. Return back to East Berlin. Awarded Quill Award.
  • 1972 An honorary professor of East Berlin Music University. The first performance of 「Opera Sim Tjong」.
  • 1981.5 The first performance of Exemplum in memoriam Kwangju in Quilon.
  • 1988.5 'Grand Cross for Distinguished Service of the German Order of Merit from the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • 1992 Held the world-wide Commemoration Music Event in celebrating his 75th birth.
  • 1994.4 "I-sang Yun Music Hallyeosudo" was held by Yeaeum Culture Federation in Seoul, Busan and Gwangju.
  • 1995 Presented Symphonic Prelude [Angel in the flame] and [Epilogue] in Japan.
  • 1977-1987 Worked as a professor in Berlin Art University.
  • 1995. 11. 3 Died of pneumonia in Berlin (At age 78).