Ryu Chi-hwan

  • Name Ryu Chi-hwan
  • Birth - Death 1908-1967
  • Major Works Silence, Rock

Brief history of the artist

  • 1908 Born in Tongyeong. In his poem published in 1959, (Drawing on cloud), he cited that he was born in "Tongyeong".
  • 1931 Published his poem 「Silence」 in 「Montely Literature」 second edition.
  • 1937 Taught at Tongyeong Hypseong Commercial School.
  • 1945 The first president of Tongyeong Culture Association. Taught at Tongyeong Women's Middle School.
  • 1947 Published a poem 「A book of Life」 In it, there is 57 poems including 「Rock」
  • 1951 Taught at Tongyeong Women's High School
  • 1954 Selected as a first member of Daehan Art Center
  • 1955 Appointed to a principal of Kyungju High School
  • 1957 Elected to a chairman of Korean Poets Association
  • 1962 Appointed to a principal of Daegue Women's High School
  • 1963 Appointed to a principal of Kyungnam Women's High School
  • 1964 Acted as a direction at Busan branch of Korean Literary Association
  • 1965 Appointed to a principal of Busan Co-Education Commercial High School 1966 Selected as a 4th member of Art Center
  • 1967 Died

About his work

As a poet of Saeng myngpa, his affection on all lives exist in nature is basis of his poetry and primitive volition is alive with oriental hollow, pursue natural life, overcome emptiness

Cheongma Literature Hall

  • In 1996, it was promoted as a part of organization project to provide a place for famous artists.
  • Open on Feb. 14, 2000 (Location: Around 863-1, Jeongrayng-dong Tongyeong-si)
  • The hall is comprised with an exhibition hall, the birth home and a management office
  • Exhibits over 100 pieces of the poet Cheongma (pen name) Ryu Chi-hwan's relics and about 350 references.
  • Number of visitors every year: 13,500 people

Cheongma Literary Award

2000. Cheongma Literary Award (The award ceremony will be held until this year)

Cheongma Street

  • Appointed date: 2001. 2. 13
  • Joongang-dong Jail Color ~ Silla Quilt (197m) Section