Ryu Chi-jin

  • Name Ryu Chi-jin
  • Birth - Death 1905-1974
  • Major Works Great Choon Hang Jeon, Wonsulrang, Han river is flowing, So, Maui Taeja

Brief history of the artist

  • 1905 Born in Tongyeong, Gyeongnam
  • 1931 Majored in English Literature at Rikyo University
  • 1931 Participate in establishing Play Art Research Committee-Developed a new draw movement
  • 1932 Present his first play 「Tomak」
  • 1941 Established Modern Theatre
  • 1947 Acted as the first president of Korea Stage Art Center
  • 1950 Acted as a principal in Joongang National Theatre
  • 1958 Acted as a chairman of International Drama Association in Korea Office
  • 1959-1969 A professor at Dongkuk University, A director of comprehensive federation of Art and Culture Group (1962-1965), Acted as a director of Drama Center
  • 1974 Died

His notable works

  • 1940 Create 「Tuition Fee」for Goryo Movie Association
  • 1947 Performed 「Native Country」, 「Jamyeonggo」, 「Maui Taeja」, 「The Galaxy」 celebrating 3.1 liberation day sponsored by National Art Association, (International Theatre)
  • 1948 Performed 「Great Choon Hang Jeon」(Sigonggwan)
  • 1949 Performed 「Wonsulrang」celebrating opening of national theatre
  • 1958 Showed 「Han river is flowing」, 「So」 (Sigonggwan)
  • 1964 Showed 「Maui Taeja」celebrating opening of Dongrang Repertory Troupe (Acting Troupe Drama Center)
  • 1970 Performed 「Wonsulrang」 (National Acting Troupe)
  • His works are still showing even today.