Sim Mun-seop

  • Name Sim Mun-seop
  • Birth - Death 1942-
  • Major Works A metaphor - Departure

History of Awards

  • The 18th National Culture Ministry of Information award (1970)
  • The 20th National Fair Congress Award (1971)
  • Received grand prize from The 2nd The Second Henry Moore Award(1981)

Brief history of the artist

  • 1942 Born in Tongyeong, Gyeongnam
  • 1965 Graduated from Seoul National University Art School Major in Sculpture
  • 1970-1971 Selected in National Fair (Twice)
  • 1970-1972 "The avant-garde Association Fair"(National Contemporary Art Gallery)
  • 1971-1975 Exhibit three times at "Paris Biennale" (France)
  • 1979 Exhibit in "The 11th Kahn International Painting Fair" (France)
  • 1981 "The 2nd Henry More Award"(Hakone Art Gallery, Japan)
  • 1983 Exhibit in "Korean Contemporary Art Fair"(Tokyo, Japan)
  • 1985 Exhibit in "Art of Korean Contemporary Paper"(Washington University, the U.S.)
  • 1986 Exhibit in "Padoba International Sculpture Fair" (Italy) Exhibit in "Asia Contemporary Art Fair" (National Contemporary Art Center)
  • 1987 Exhibit in "Chicago International Paint Exhibition" (USA)
  • 1994 Exhibit in "The Third International Modern Art Fair" (Yokohama, Japan)
  • 1995 "Venice biennial Special Exhibition -The Tail of a Tiger"(Venice)
  • 1996 "Bagel Art Fair"(Swiss Codama Gallery)
  • 1997 Life-long exhibition at Tongyeong Nammangsan International Sculpture Park (Eunyu-Departure point)
  • 1998 "Realm of Shape" (Toyko, Japan)
  • 1999 Exhibit "The essence of space - Distance of contemplation"(Busan Municipal Art Center)
  • Currently, a professor of art at Joongang University

A metaphor - Departure

A metaphor - Departure