Pak Kyongni

  • Name Pak Kyongni
  • Birth - Death 1926-2008
  • Major Works Black Black White White, Missions, Period of Distrust, Byeokji, Daughters of Kim's Pharmacy, Toji

Brief history of the artist

  • 1926 Born in Tongyeong, Gyeongnam
  • 1945 Graduate from Jinju Women's High School
  • 1956 「Black Black White White」 was taken on the rostrum and recommended to Contemporary Literature
  • 1957 Participated in literature work and published 「Missions」, 「Period of Distrust」, 「Byeokji」
  • 1962 Present 「Daughters of Kim's Pharmacy」
  • 1969-1994 Completed 16 volumes and 5 series of historical novel 「Toji」