Kim Sang-ok

  • Name Kim Sang-ok
  • Birth - Death Mar 15, 1920 - Oct. 31, 2004
  • Major Works Chojeok- Book of Sijo Gok of Gowon, Uisang Song of Mokseok, While preparing a liquid ink Balsam

Brief history of the artist

  • 1920 Born in Tongyeong Kyungnam
  • 1938 Published 「sand」, 「cafe」 while participating in a club <Mac> with Kim Yong-ho and Ham Eun-soo
  • 1939 Sijo 「Balsam」was recommend to publish in 『Munjang』
  • 1941 Present 「leaves」 on the new spring literature of Dong-A Ilbo
  • 1935-1936 Studied at Osaka Commercial School in Osaka, Japan Enter to Oasaka Music School
  • 1946 Taught at Mansan High School, Busan Women's High School and Kyungnam Women's High School
  • 1956 Found Tongyeong Literary Association
  • 1973 Published Collected Poems 「65 volumes of three words phrase」
  • 1976 Published Collected Essays 「Poem and Doja」
  • 2004. 10. 31 Died

His works

  • He started writing poems and after Korean liberation, he created free style works.
  • While preserving the world of traditional lyricism, he pursued tranquil way to keep intense past in his heart.
  • He draw a sense of life innate in an object and expressed in serene and delicate language.