• Tongyeong International Music Festival
  • Tongyeong International Music Festival
  • Title&Sub-title Rencontre
  • Supervision by Tongyeong International Music Festival
  • Period pring Season : 3.28(Friday) - 4.3(Thursday), TIMF Academy : July
  • Location
    • Official Performance : Tongyeong Municipal Hall of Culture and Arts, the grand and small theaters
    • Fringe Festival : Festival House, Culture Center, Youth Training Center, Yulbang Church, Underwater Tunnel
  • Homepage http://www.timf.org/
  • Sponsored by Tongyeong City, Masan MBC, Monthly Theater
  • Assist by Ministry of Culture and Tourism, South Gyongsang Province, Art Committee of Korean Culture and Arts, Asiana Air Line, Geumho Asiana Culture Foundation, I-sang Yun Peace Federation, Tongyeong Culture Center, Tongyeong Culture Federation, Tongyeong Culture Federation Korean Arts Association Tongyeong City Branch, International I-sang Yun Association, Goethe-Institute Seoul, Lufthansa

Tongyeong International Music Festival, celebrating the world-famous composer I-sang Yun who is a native of Tongyeong is held on every March as the starting point of opening of Hallyeosudo(6-7 days). It is a seasonal festival and one and only classical music Hallyeosudo in Korea that emerges as an 'interchanging ground of the world music' which allows modern and traditional music to rendezvous. In particular, fringe concerts that features during the opening of Hallyeosudo operates an participatory program inviting music lovers of home and abroad.

In 2007, Tongyeong International Music Festival is celebrating its sixth years under the title 'Rencontre' This year, the festival is focusing on I-sang Yun's works of 1986, 'Rencontre', celebrating the musical legacy of world-famous composer in varieties of ways.

After five long years of hard efforts, the Tongyeong International Music Festival is marking sixth year and has successfully positioned itself as one of the most renowned international music festival in Asia. It has centralized its exploration on the world-famous composer I-sang Yun's works tat is a native of Tongyeong, and has been thrived to reach musical impression of broader areas ranging from the traditional music to contemporary music. In addition, the Gyeongnam International Music Competition that embarked in 2003 has become a member of International Music Competition, an affiliate of UNESCO in 2006 demonstrating a notable progress. Tongyeong International Music Festival is not content with its achievement but will leap further in the years to come.