• Tongyeong ITU Triathlon World Cup Competition
  • Tongyeong ITU Triathlon World Cup Competition
  • Supervision by Gyeongnam Triathlon Federation, Tongyeong Triathlon Federation
  • Period In October, every year
  • Location Around Donam Tourism Area in Tongyeong-si
  • Homepage http://www.triathlon.or.kr/
  • Inquiry Daehan Triathlon Federation 02)3431-6798/3712, Sports and Youth Divisor of Tongyeong city Hall 055)650-4710
  • Sponsored by Tongyeong-si, Daehan Triathlon Federation
  • Support Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Gyeongsangnam-do, Daehan Sports Association, Daehan Olympic Committee, Korea Tourism Organization, National Sports Promotion Corporation

The compound world 'triathlon' is made up of two latin words; 'tri' for three and 'athlon' for competition. All participants are required to race through three competition events; swimming, cycling and marathon. It started in the U.S. in 1978 and has rapidly expanded to be selected as an official game in the 2000 Olympics and there are about 10 million people actively involved in the game. This competition is aerobic sports for an athlete to consecutively perform three different kinds of sports that puts importance on harmony and balance and requires self-control as well as endurance including sustaining power. It is also dubbed as the last sports for human being. People are enjoying the sports more and more every year. The Tongyeong Triathlon Competition is held along the beautiful coastline of Tongyeong. Since the first International Triathlon Competition held in 2003, its popularity has increased every year and is being positioned as Mecca of triathlon in natural sea area if Hallyeo Sudo Waterway.