• Anchovy
    Anchovy Tongyeong's dried anchovies caught in clean water approved by the U.S. FDA are chemical-free natural calcium food contain ash content, nucleic acid that prevent geriatric diseases and the high content of taurine and calcium are especially good for growing children, pregnant women, the aged and infirm including the moderners interested in well-bing life. They are exported to the world market for their superior taste and color. Dried anchovies produced in these areas amount to 76% of the nation's production.
  • Salted Anchovy Sauce
    Salted Anchovy Sauce Produced from anchovies that are salted and fermented for more than one year, Tongyeong anchovy sauce is rich in protein. It is an important ingredient for making various kinds of kimchi.
  • Oysters
    Oysters An oyster is very much like milk for it contains balanced nutritious substances. Oysters is a nourishing food, rich in vitamins A, B, C, and D and iron. Oysters cultured in the clean sea of Tongyeong have been rated as having the best quality in the world by the FDA of the United States. Domestic and foreign exports of oysters contribute to the development of the regional economy. An oyster is easy to digest for all ages specially, it offers rich calcium in a form to absorb fast.
  • Brown Seaweed
    Brown Seaweed Brown seaweed is rich in calcium. 1kg of seaweed has about 1,300mg of calcium. Calcium is a vital element for maintaining healthy teeth and bones. Brown sea-weed picked fro Maemuldo Island is known to have the effect of cleaning the blood.
  • Sea Eel
    Sea Eel Sea eels, regarded as a high protein food, are caught through weir fishery. About 70% of these eels are exported live or as processed food. They are also delightful eaten as sashimi and as a grilled dish.
  • Inlaid Lacquerware
    Inlaid Lacquerware Najeonchilgi or Inlaid lacquerware is defined as bamboo an wooden furniture or other handicrafts objects patterned with mother-of-pearl pieces and finished with lacquer. Cutting or fretsawing the paper-thin mother-of-pearl is the part that takes the most skill and years of practice.
  • Tongyeong Quilt Bedding
    Tongyeong Quilt Bedding The dictionary term for quilt bedding is 'Textile Fabric (the general term for Hemp, Cotton and Silk)' which refers to a close stitches technique of cloth covers and cotton.
  • Dongbaek Cosmetics
    Dongbaek Cosmetics Dongbaek is known to be effective in relaxing complexion, shines and gives nutrient element on hair. Dongback is used as ingredient for the cosmetic and being sold as Tongyeong's special product.
  • Sea Squirts
    Sea Squirts A sea squirt contains a rich dose of antibacterial and anticancer ingredients. It also helps in preventing cold, coughing, and asthma, while boosting appetite and overall physical condition.
  • Abalone
    Abalone Abalone is king of shells and it even frequently appeals in old literatures as the envy of mystery. Abalone has exceptional difference from other marine products in taste and nutritions as well. This is one of the reasons why abalone must be included in royal cuisine.