• Tongyeong Special Products Sales Center
    Tongyeong Special Products Sales Center All special products produced from Tongyeong are made in souvenirs. Farm products like Yujacheong, Sangyuja or raw citron, yangdarae, sweet potatoes, Hwahwae, mushrooms and Tongyeong orchid and tasteful marine products caught in clean water and varieties of crafts such as Tongyeong inlaid lacquareware, Tongyeong Kite and traditional quilt bedding are being displayed and sold.
    • Location Located at Nonghup Hanaro Mart in Docheon-dong
    • For more information Special Products Sales Center 055-646-6610
  • Tongyeong Traditional Crafts Hall
    Tongyeong Traditional Crafts Hall The craft hall is located in Donam-dong Mireuko Tourism Area in Tongyeong city. The hall show cases all kinds of crafts like Tongyeong Mother-of-Pearl Lacquerware made from shells, turban shell and abalone produced in Tongyeong incluidng Tongyeong Gad or Top Hat, Tongyeong Soban or Wooden Tray Table Tongyeong Somok, Tongyeong Daebal, Tongyeong Quilt Bedding, Tongyeong Hand Fan, Tongyeong Traditional Kite and these are sold year around.
    • Location 642, Donam-dong, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
    • For more information Tongyeong Traditional Crafts Hall 055-645-3266
  • Lotte Mart Special Products Store
    Lotte Mart Special Products Store Located on the 2nd floor at Lotte Mart, showing and selling varieties of Tongyeong's special products such as inlaid lacquerware, small cabinets, small tables, quilt, hand fans and kites.