• Marine products sold by consignment sales
    Marine products sold by consignment sales The consignment sheds for marine products operated by each fisheries association in Tongyeong City put an auction on fresh marine products such as hairtails, mackerels, flatfishes and Oakdom caught from the near seas of Tongyeong and boosts the market's business. The scene of busy fishermen from early morning, piled up mountain marine products everywhere and frequent auction sale are a highlight for tourists.
  • Seoho Conventional Market (Early-morning market)
    Seoho Conventional Market (Early-morning market) The market is located in front of the Tongyeong harbor passenger ship terminal(area 4,512㎡). During the Japanese occupation period, the place was sea but fill-up by the Japanese who used to live here then. This place became a temporarily residental area for the Koreans returning from Japan and had become as the market today. The market is called with other titles such as Saetau Market, Morning Market and A-jeok-jae-ja because it is newly built.
  • Joongang (Live Fish) Market
    Joongang (Live Fish) Market The market sells live fish and located on the opposite side of Ganguan Culture Center. Fresh fishes caught from the clean water right in the front are so tempting and would make your mouth water just by looking at them. The market is one of the tourists attraction sites.
  • Geobuk Market
    Geobuk Market The market is located around a business quarter right before getting into the city offering convenient ways to buy items from both the conventional market and industrial products.