Sea Rafting

  • Management Tongyeong Youth Training Center
  • Location Around Donamdong Marina Resort Marine, Bijindo Island, Bongam, Yeondaedo, Deokdong Beach
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A rubber boat is used these days and it has been changed to a rapid stream riding at a strong gorge from riding water current. Rafting boat was first made in wood during the Word War II and has been used for military service and seized an opportunity of 'Period of Rubber Boat'.

Traveler industries in the U.S. have started using the rubber boat starting from the end of 1960s to the early part of 1970s for transporting masses of people to Grand Canyon in the U.S. People gathered in crowds in the beach can also feel the powerful atmosphere. All the participants are required to put a life vest which secures their safety as well. This sport is perfect for 'Viewing Sports' as well as 'Participating Sports'. You can also anticipate education effect and exercise effect thanks to its concentration on cardiovascular improvement and muscle endurance. Korea is surrounded by sea and this sport is perfect for its special geographic feature. This would enhance mind and body of youth, diversify sports for citizens and offer opportunity to experience sea education.