Water Motorcycle

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A water motorcycle is internationally dubbed as "personal water craft" and it can be used in sea, river and lake. For safety reasons however, it is recommended to use at the water level of more than 60cm due to a chance to collide with all kinds of underwater obstacles including a water grass. It is useful in many ways such as for race, for sports, for angling for couples dating and for emergency rescue.

But there is something you must be aware in which it requires plenty of warm-up before riding the motorcycle. And there is always a chance of bodily injury due to its high speed thus people with weak back should be extra cautious. In particular, you must ware the suit and the life jacket at time in case of emergency breakdown of the engine. But the foremost important thing is that you must refrain yourself from causing any trouble to others and do not litter the sea or pollute environment with any kinds of waste. Moreover, do not get in involve with the following lists; filling up the fuel in vicinity of the seashore or at station, engage in reckless driving, interrupting the swimming areas, interrupt marine production area or diving zone, driving fast at the passage of migratory birds or make roaring sound in vicinity of apartment complex. There are more thins that a driver must be aware.