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Unlike vessels, fisher boats and a warship that operates under a specific purpose, YaCht is referring to a recreational boat used for sports that allows to enjoy fast sailing without difficult techniques. Largely, there is two kinds of Yacht; One is Motor Yacht that propels using the power of engine and the other is Sailing Yacht that operates by wind. The sailing yacht is classified in to two categories and one is with no cabin with a sail and the other one is with a cabin including some forms of facilities called Sailing Cruiser. The sailing boat is used in the coast or in lake for leisure sports. The sailing boat is used in Olympic Games and in Asian Olympic Games these days and the one that is relatively smaller in size is dubbed as dinghy. The Sailing Cruiser is used to navigate a long range such as crossing the pacific ocean and AmeriCa's Cup, the Arirang race between Korea and Japan are referring to such navigation.


19 Feet (9 Feet Motor Yacht, 10 Feet Sail Yacht)

Sail Yacht

This one operates using wind force instead of electric power to navigate. It has two body, providing stability. There are two types of yacht; Catamaran and Sloop with just one body.

Motor Yacht

It uses motor to navigate, 3-4 times faster than that of Sail Yacht. It could navigate Hansando, Bijindo Island and the vicinity in fast speed.

Annexed Facilities

Yacht Club House (3F), Yacht Repair Shop, Docklands, Fuel Station, Yacht Station

How to use the service

Two people can enjoy a medium size in 9-12m yacht at the same time and to assist riding, a person to drive the yacht will get on the yacht together including, all kinds of navigation equipment, communication equipment, equipment for emergency and other necessary items. You can select a yacht that fits your taste , enjoying marine scenery and sailing at Hallyŏ-Haesang National Park. You must wear tennis shoes when getting on board and prepare for a sea sick if you needed.