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  • Location Sangyang area (Hangnimdo Is., Ogokdo Is.), Yokji area (Gookdo, Jwasarido), Hansang area (Somaemuldo Is., Hongdo Is.) Saryang area (Saryangdo Namuyeo, Suwoodo)
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Skin Scuba is normally referring to a leisure diving. The word 'Scuba' is referring to a piece of equipment that assists flexible respiration. Skin Scuba isn't just diving into the water but it allows flexible exploration under the water while breathing using the equipment thus providing an opportunity to encounter with the underwater creatures.

Necessary Equipment

A diving suit, a respiratory device , B.C (Buoyancy Controller), a dive computer, a compass, a water-depth device, a air tank, weight belts, a mask, a snorkel, fins, diving flags, boat flags, a time displaying device, a water-proof flashlight, a diving knife

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For more information
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