Welcome to the Official Website of the City of Tongyeong.
I'm Chun Young-gee, the Mayor of Tongyeong City.
Thank you for visiting our website,and I would appreciate your valuable opinion.

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Tongyeong, with its 300-year history and tradition, boasts the spiritual heritage of Hansan’s Great Victory and the cultural patrimony of Tongjeyoung. In addition, Tongyeong is recognized as being a famous cultural city where artists find endless inspiration. Many great artists in history were born and raised in Tongyeong, such as world-renowned composers Yun Isang, Park Kyung-li, Jeon Hyuck-rim, and Kim Chun-su.

Additionally, it is a favored holiday resort featuring multiple tourist attractions such as its over 570 beautiful islands,, beautiful seascape, and a variety of fresh seafood, all around the clear waters of Hallyeosudo.

Following the slogan, “The Promised Land, The City of the Next 100 Years, Tongyeong", we will strive to make efforts to create a livable city full of vitality, futuristic vision, and hope together with our 130,000 citizens as partners.

We welcome any comments you may have, as they are the best means of answering what can make Tongyeong an even better city. I hope you take part in the challenge of making Tongyeong, a city of new future.

Thank you.