Mayor, Tongyeong City Kang Seong-ju

Welcome to the website of Tongyeong City.

Tongyeong is a symbolic city of Korean patriotism, holding the spirit of the great Admiral Yi Sun-shin and a beautiful city that has produced numerous artists. It is located at the center of Hallyeohaesang National Marine Park and has long been regarded as the No.1 marine tourism city and the no.1 fishing city in Korea. The city, with its beautiful natural landscape, mild climate and limitless potential, is preparing for a new change and a reform.

Tongyeong is also a sound city where honest and diligent individuals are respected and recognized, a city of kind neighbors and an energic city of various competitive industries. We are working together to build a true Tongyeong that never ceases to grow.

Our ears will be open to even the smallest voice of Tongyeong citizens and those visiting the website of Tongyeong City. Your valued opinions, interest and support will help us greatly in making Tongyeong a happy city.

Thank you.