Samara, Russia

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Location : 53° 12′ 10″N, 50° 08′ 27″E

Area : 541.382㎢

Population : 1,171,000

Regional Characteristics

  • Sixth largest city in Russia with developed music and cultural arts industry
  • Close to Moscow, Samara is now a large and important social, political, economic, industrial, and cultural centre in European Russia and the city hosted the EU-Russia Summit in May, 2007
  • The Volga River served as the main commercial thoroughfare of Russia throughout several centuries
  • Volga is among the top ten Russian cities in terms of national income and industrial production volume

History of the Sister City Agreement & Exchanges

  • 2016.02.24. Mayor of Tongyeong visits Moscow as the representative of the Korea National Association of Mayors at the invitation of the Association of Cities of the Russian Federation, the two associations sign an international exchange agreement
  • 2016.05.17. Vice mayor and delegates of Tongyeong visit Samara at the invitation of Mayor Oleg Fursov of Samara
  • 2016.05. Association of Cities of the Russian Federation invites mayor of Tongyeong to a forum held in Ufa and suggests the signing of sister city agreement at the forum
  • 2016.06.17. Sister city agreement signed at the Leading Local Governments Forum <Ho Chi Minh, Viet Nam>