Rongcheng, Shandong Province, China

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Rongcheng is a city with a major fish farming industry and while carrying out trades with Korea, the city of Rongcheng signed a sister city agreement with Tongyeong on July 26, 1997 at Rongcheng City Hall to promote mutual growth of the two cities.

General Information

  • Province/Country : Shandong Province, China
  • Location : 122˚9′ E, 36˚ 43′ N
  • Area : 1,392㎢ (78㎢ north-south, 33㎢ east-west)
  • Population : 681,000
  • Features : coastal economy, marine industrial city
  • Key Industries : agriculture and fisheries (wheat, peanuts, shrimp, ark shell), natural resources (silver, copper, quartz), machinery, rubber, chemical engineering, food, architectural material, electronics


  • Health Facilities : 28 hospitals (1,622 beds), 116 clinics, 1 maternal and child health center, 897 doctors
  • Cultural Facilities : 2 theaters, 1 public library, 1 radio station, 1 TV station
  • Events : International Fishermen's Festival is held every three years and in 2001, the city held a seminar and expo on marine industry and seafood processing technology

History of the Sister City Agreement & Exchanges

  • Korean company Daejin Co. located at 351-8 bunji, Jeongnyang-dong established an overseas office in Rongcheng and was operating business in China
  • When the vice mayor of Rongcheong visited Tongyeong on April 8, 1997, Daejin arranged a meeting between the two cities for a possible sister city agreement between the two cities.
  • July, 1997. At the invitation of Rongcheng, the mayor (Dong-joo Ko) of Tongyeong visited Rongcheng and signed a sister city agreement

Recent Exchanges

  • 2005. 1 public official sent from Rongcheng for an overseas training (6 months)
  • March, 2007. Delegates of the fisheries department of Tongyeong visit Rongcheng for an overseas training on fisheries
  • June, 2007. Mayor of Tongyeong visits Rongcheng (10th anniversary of the sister city agreement)
  • March and May, 2008 Vice mayor of Rongcheng visits Tongyeong