Tamano, Okayama Prefecture, Japan

Website : http://www.city.tamano.okayama.jp

Seeing the growing exchanges between private organizations of the two cities, Tongyeong and Tamano signed a sister city agreement on August 3, 1981 to further develop the relationship between the two cities. Under the mutual biennial exchange policy in the agreement, the two cities have been actively carrying out exchanges in various area including the arts, culture and fisheries.

General Information

  • Province/Country : Okayama Prefecture, Japan
  • Location : 133˚ 57´ E, 34˚ 29´ N
  • Area : 103.52㎢ (16.2㎢ east-west, 14.3㎢ north-south)
  • Population : 73,000
  • Administrative Divisions : divided into five areas (according to the city plan for promote its nature, industries, parks and etc.)
  • No. of Public Officials : 1,000
  • No. of Households : 57,000
  • Features : coastal, industrial and trade city
  • Key Industries : shipbuilding, steel, trade, fisheries


  • Educational Institutions : 14 elementary schools, 7 middle schools, 4 high schools
  • Cultural & Leisure Facilties : Tamano Hotel, Tamano Golf Course, amusement park, culture complex, marine museum, civic center, Tamano Bicycle Racetrack, Miyama Park, Shibukawa Veterinary Hospital
  • Key Facilities : 10 hospitals, 61 clinics

History of the Sister City Agreement & Exchanges

  • March 4, 1973. At the signing of the sisterhood agreement between the JCs of the two cities, opinions about a sister city agreement were exchanged
  • Febrary 6, 1980. Vice mayor of Tamano and vice president of Tamano's city council visit Tongyeong to discuss the agreement
  • July 21, 1980. Tongyeong receives an official letter of intent to sign the sister city agreement from the mayor of Tamano
  • Ministry of Home Affairs' approval on February 18, 1981, 4 delegates including the mayor of Tongyeong visit Tamano to sign the agreement on August 3, 1981

Recent Exchanges

  • August, 2002. Delegates of a shipbuilding company based in Tongyeong visit Mitsui Shipyard in Tamano for a field trip
  • May, 2003. Mayor and delegates of Tongyeong visit Tamano