Sayama, Saitama Prefecture, Japan

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As part of an afforestation project around Hallyeosudo Waterway, on July 4, 1973, the city Tongyeong signed a sister city agreement with the city of Saitama which is one of the major tea producing areas in Japan. Since then, the two cities have been carrying out cultural exchange programs for youth groups, social organizations and administrative training programs for public officials every year.

General Information

  • Province/Country : Saitama Prefecture, Japan
  • Location : 139˚ 24´ E, 35˚ 51´ N
  • Area : 49.02㎢, Population : 162,000
  • Administrative Divisions : 8 districts (local office in each district)
  • No. of Households : 57,000
  • Features : suburban area of the capital, Tokyo, agricultural and industrial city
  • Key Industries : automobile, electronics, electricity, machinery, tea farming


  • Educational Institutions : 17 preschools, 18 elementary schools, 11 middle schools, 6 high schools, 6 colleges
  • Cultural & Leisure Facilities : civic center, library, community center, museum, welfare center, Chikosan Park
  • Key Facilities : 10 hospitals, 90 clinics

History of the Sister City Agreement and Exchanges

  • A tea plantation development plan established as part of Tongyeong's afforestation project around Hallyeosudo Waterway
  • Sayama which is one of the major tea producing areas in Japan, contacted through Hallyeo Developement Co.
  • The city of Sayama notifies Tongyeong of intent to sign a sister city agreement and initiate intercity exchanges → The initial plan was to cultivate tea with Sayama's technical assistance and export the entire harvest to Japan but due to unsuitable climactic conditions, the tea farming failed.
  • Ministry of Home Affairs' approval in September, 1972, Mayor and representatives of Sayama visit Tongyeong (then called Chumgmu) on July 4, 1973, sister city agreement signed.
  • October 1, 1995. Tongyeong inherits and continues the sister city agreement signed between Chungmu and Sayama
  • January 2003. Tongyeong International Exchange Association's youth group visits Sayama
  • 2003. Mayors of Sayama and Tongyeong visit each other
  • 1 staff from the city of Tongyeong sent to Sayama for fisheries market survey (8 months)
  • August, 2003. Tongyeong Agricultural and Fisheries Event held at Sayama Hydrangea Festival
  • 2004. Delegates of Tongyeong attend the 50th anniversary ceremony of Sayama City Festival
  • February, 2006. The board members of Sayama's International Exchange Association visit Tongyeong (nongovernmental visit)
  • December, 2007. Sayama International Exchange Association's youth group visits Tongyeong (nongovernmental visit)