Government Office Building 1

City Hall Building 1_B1

City Hall Building 1_B1. Machine Room, EV, Stairway, Land Survey Office, Men's Lounge, Men's Restroom, Women's Restroom, Healing Center, Civil Defense Control Room, Archives, Cleaners' Lounge, Electrical Room, Generator Room

  1. Machine Room
  2. EV
  3. Stairway
  4. Land Survey Office
  5. Men's Lounge
  6. Men's Restroom
  7. Women's Restroom
  8. Healing Center
  9. Civil Defense Control Room
  10. Archives
  11. Cleaners' Lounge
  12. Electrical Room, Generator Room
  13. Hallway
  14. Urban Restoration Dept. Storage

City Hall Building 1_1F

City Hall Building 1_1F. Planning and General Affairs Committee, Preparation Room, EV, Back Door, Restrooms, Volunteer Center, Storage, Air Conditioning Room, Stairway, Information Center, Night Duty Room, Storage, Land Registry, Document Archives, Complaints and Lang Registration Division, Entrance, Tax Division, Lobby, Hallway, Shared Happiness Division Chief's Office, Shared Happiness Division, Women and Family Division, Waiting Area, Media Room, Industry and Construction Committee

  1. Planning and General Affairs Committee
  2. Preparation Room
  3. EV
  4. Back Door
  5. Restrooms
  6. Volunteer Center
  7. Storage
  8. Air Conditioning Room
  9. Stairway
  10. Information Center
  11. Night Duty Room
  12. Land Registry
  13. Document Archives
  14. Complaints and Lang Registration Division
  15. Entrance
  16. Lobby
  17. Chief's Office of the Elderly & the Disabled Dept
  18. Elderly & the Disabled Dept
  19. Women, Children & Youth Dept
  20. Waiting Area
  21. Entrance
  22. Media Room
  23. Industry and Construction Committee
  24. Hallway
  25. Tax Division

City Hall Building 1_2F

City Hall Building 1_2F. Main Conference Hall, Preparation Room, EV, Restrooms, Writing Room, Stairway, Back Door, Storage, Administration Division Chief's Office, Conference Room, Assembly Hall, Administration Division, Vice Mayor's Office, Secretary's Office, Lounge, Storage, Mayor's Office, Hallway, Planning and Budget Officer, Secretary' Office, Vice Chairman's Office, Chairman's Office

  1. Main Conference Hall
  2. Preparation Room
  3. EV
  4. Restrooms
  5. Writing Room
  6. Stairway
  7. Back Door
  8. Storage
  9. Administration Division Chief's Office
  10. Conference Room
  11. Assembly Hall
  12. Administration Division
  13. Vice Mayor's Office
  14. Secretary's Office
  15. Storage
  16. Lounge
  17. Mayor's Office
  18. Planning and Budget Officer
  19. Secretary' Office
  20. Vice Chairman's Office
  21. Chairman's Office
  22. Hallway

City Hall Building 1_3F

City Hall Building 1_3F. Archives, Executive Waiting Area, Special Committee Room, Stairway, Restrooms, EV, Consultation Room, Secretary's Office, Autonomous Administration Director's Office, Stairway, Accounting Division Archives, Marine Tourism Business Division, Rooftop, Accounting Division, Culture and Arts Division, Resident Livelihood and Welfare Division, Marine Tourism Director's Office, Sports Division, Pantry, Expert Members' Office (Industry and Construction Committee), Council Secretariat, Expert Members' Office (Council Steering Committee), Senior Experts Office

  1. Archives
  2. Executive Waiting Area
  3. Special Committee Room
  4. Stairway
  5. Restrooms
  6. EV
  7. Chief's Office of Eudcation&Sport Support Dept
  8. Secretary's Office
  9. Autonomous Administration Director's Office
  10. Accounting Division Archives
  11. Urban Restoration Dept
  12. Rooftop
  13. Accounting Division
  14. Culture and Arts Division
  15. Resident Livelihood and Welfare Division
  16. Marine Tourism Director's Office,
  17. Secretary's Office
  18. Education & Sport Support Dept
  19. Pantry
  20. Expert Members' Office (Industry and Construction Committee)
  21. Council Secretariat
  22. Expert Members' Office (Council Steering Committee)
  23. Senior Experts Office
  24. Hallway

City Hall Building 1_4F

City Hall Building 1_4F. Council Members' Research Room, Restrooms, EV, Civil Legal Aid Office, Audit Room, Hearing Room, Stairway, Hallway, Cafeteria, Lounge, Cafeteria, Marine Tourism Division, Tourism Marketing Division, Press and Inspection Officer

  1. Council Members' Research Room
  2. Restrooms
  3. EV
  4. Civil Legal Aid Office
  5. Audit Room
  6. Hearing Room
  7. Stairway
  8. Restrooms
  9. Archives
  10. Cafeteria, Lounge
  11. Cafeteria
  12. Tourism Dept
  13. Consultation Room
  14. Archives
  15. Press and Inspection Officer
  16. Hallway